Technology allows us to travel everywhere and still be connected. I travel a lot, and here are some things that make that possible and still get deals done.


    1. Time Blocking & Availability:
      • No matter where I am, I always set aside time daily to sit down and work. I post up somewhere that allows me to make phone calls and do computer work. There are great places in cafes, hotel lobbies, shared offices or I stop in at one of our local NAI offices and use the conference room. Depending on how long I am gone, I will do this Monday through Friday during local PST hours. It’s helpful to be available during your normal office hours.
      • I am always available on my cell phone. My cell phone works everywhere, so I use it.
    2. Have backup, be on a GOOD team:
      • Divide and conquer: Being on a good team allows others to help tour buildings, give access to buildings or be available in person when you are out of town. Backup is important even when you are in town. If you are double booked, it is always helpful to have people who can help.
    3. Good Tech:
      • I have an Oakley backpack that carries my iPad, MacBook Pro & all the supporting cords. I use the iPad as a split screen for my MacBook in order to have two screens.
      • iPhone: I always make sure my iPhone is working and have a backup battery.
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