Las Vegas Dips its Toes into Lifestyle Offices

by Jan 16, 2020In Industrial

Las Vegas Dips its Toes into Lifestyle Offices

by Jan 16, 2020In Industrial

The Las Vegas office scene is heating up.

Besides being a hub for entertainment and commerce, Las Vegas is growing into a hotspot for office buildings – and it’s easy to see why. Workplace culture is becoming more diverse than ever before as global professionalism takes on a new face.

Today’s business arena is characterized by experience, mobility, and strong company cultures. In response to these changes, the evolving workspace is adopting new trends to attract and retain contemporary tenants.

One such way we can observe this evolution is through the lifestyle office trend. While big cities around the country have been embracing the lifestyle office module for quite a while, Las Vegas is just starting to see it happen.

Let’s take a deeper look at the lifestyle office trend and how it’s beginning to take off in Las Vegas.

What Exactly Are Lifestyle Offices?

Though you’ve likely heard this trend being thrown around in industry conversations or on the headlines of web articles, you may not be completely sure what the term ‘lifestyle office’ is referring to. To clear up any confusion, let’s define this term first.

Lifestyle offices refer to office locations that have popular amenities nearby. Things like restaurants, fitness centers, shopping, and entertainment are all popular highlights that transform a traditional office location into a ‘lifestyle’ one.

Even though the office space doesn’t have these amenities on-site, they’re in a close enough vicinity where tenants can easily incorporate these metropolitan elements into their day-to-day work schedule.

By being located in a centralized area, these commercial properties can position themselves as fun, entertaining, and convenient. Lifestyle offices have incredible leverage in the office market since they boost tenant appeal and the property’s overall desirability.

More Lifestyle Offices Emerge on the Vegas Scene

Although the lifestyle office trend has been prominent in the United States for years now, it’s just starting to make its way into the Las Vegas business districts.

Big cities like New York and Los Angeles have been revered as great places to work since the surrounding amenities establish a strong work-life balance. But, it’s time to turn the attention to Vegas – one of the most fun and exciting places in the country.

As the Vegas economy matures, we’re seeing more and more lifestyle offices cropping up. Popular areas like Town Square Las Vegas, The District at Green Valley Ranch, Gramercy, and Downtown Summerlin are transforming Vegas’ office scene by incorporating the luxuries needed to establish an amenity-focused workspace.

Lifestyle Office Spotlight: UnCommons

To further demonstrate the position that lifestyle offices hold in the Las Vegas area, let’s look at a cool new local project called the UnCommons.

This massive project by Matter Realty is combining retail, health and wellness, and dining into a cohesive workspace environment. Their slogan ‘where work and life meet’ truly describes this revolutionary Vegas development. It’s taking the traditional mixed-use space and optimizing the amenities to create a new, fresh, and exciting professional atmosphere.

The UnCommons project has a unique layout that’s changing up the game for Vegas’ office sector. There are 500K sq. ft. of modern office space, 91K sq. ft. of curated experiences, 50K sq. ft. of coworking space, and 800 on-site residential units. This seamless mix is creating a community where work, life, and play happens in one cutting-edge destination.

Tom Van Betten, VP of Development for the project gives us an insiders look at the UnCommons lifestyle. “Imagine this kind of a day: an employee comes in, attends a yoga or spin class, has a craft coffee, goes to the office, has a great brainstorm session, and then attends a business lunch at the artisan food hall. Then, it’s back to the office to afterwards go to a social gathering at one of the on-site event venues before walking home to their luxury apartment.”

The Lifestyle office trend is running at full throttle with the UnCommons, where people can quite literally do everything in one space. It’s 40 acres of community, and this is what lifestyle offices are all about.

The UnCommons is found in the convenient location on the 215 Freeway accessible to Summerlin and Henderson – two of Vegas’ growing communities for commercial real estate. This successful project is serving as a major inspiration for the future of Las Vegas workspaces.

Commercial real estate professionals – keep an eye on the Las Vegas office scene as it continues to expand through lifestyle integrations. Developers and investors should consider this popular trend in their 2020 business strategies.

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