Capture Your Audience with these 6 Winning Marketing Tips

by Apr 2, 2020In Industrial

Capture Your Audience with these 6 Winning Marketing Tips

by Apr 2, 2020In Industrial

No matter what business you’re in, good marketing is a basic key to success. In today’s highly competitive professional landscape, all of us need to jumpstart our marketing strategies to come out on top.

We all know this is especially vital in the commercial real estate biz. CRE is no joke. If you’re not keeping up with the latest advances in a marketing capacity, you’re losing business.

Blogs, killer website design, social media, tech integration, top-tier imagery; the list is endless. The marketing aspect of the job is dominating the game and becoming the baseline for a healthy and thriving commercial practice.

Marketing allows you to extend your reach, boost engagements, and generate leads to your sales funnel. In my personal practice, I like to be as detailed as possible with marketing. I like to say that we want the marketing to be so good that clients feel like they’ve already seen the property – simply by exploring my online presence.

In this blog post, I’m sharing my top 6 marketing tactics for commercial professionals looking to optimize all of their possibilities. Get ready to take your commercial practice into an entirely new level. Here we go:

Use Tech to Create Comprehensive Visuals

If you want to make your listing as realistic as possible, you’ll need to start with solid visuals. Walkthrough videos, floorplans, and HD imagery are all essential aspects of strong marketing.

If you’re not creating virtual tours yet, you’re falling behind. Virtual tours are pushing the boundaries of digital property marketing. Viewers are able to fully explore a property – anytime, anywhere.

Not only does this help professionals focus on serious leads, but it also can propel more fully-digital deals. This is especially important when dealing with global investors. Check out Matterport’s premier ervices.

Tap Into All Platforms

We live in an era of diversity, where CRE pros need to go beyond their tried and true listing platform to explore all the options out there. Make sure your properties are on as many platforms as possible. I always use Costar, Realnex, LoopNet, the NAI Vegas site, and of course individual landing pages for each listing.

Consider Mobile Integration

Today’s online world doesn’t only operate on standard computer screens. People are accessing your content on Smartphones, Ipads, tablets, you name it. Make sure that your websites and listing pages seamlessly translate on all fronts. Pay attention to mobile-friendly aspects like images that don’t take too long to load and text that doesn’t dominate the visitor’s experience.

Fancy Isn’t Always Better

We live in a world of simple. Ultra-luxe elements are nice and all, but fancy is not always better.  Sometimes, it just gets downright complicated. Clear and direct marketing elements like brochures and websites generate much better lead momentum than relying on fancy flash.

Be Straightforward

Don’t leave any information out of your e-listing. The more information you include, the better… but don’t go overboard on the theatrics.

Remember, you’re not writing a novel. It should be easy to digest and quick to read. Hit them with facts and cut out the unnecessary details. A great rule is to be specific, but be basic.  Show things easily like power, parking, size, cost, and property highlights. People get too caught up in large descriptions when people really just want simple. Don’t make it hard.

Go the extra mile for your prospective clients. Answer all of their questions before they even get a chance to ask them. This way, you’ll know that someone reaching out with an inquiry is likely a serious buyer – helping you weed out the weak leads and solely focus on the strongest options.

Get Smart About Social

Social media is a big deal. Take advantage of diversity and make sure you’re on all the platforms. Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube – the CRE community is even tapping into Vimeo. Who knows, Tik Tok might be the next target! Be ready to adopt the new trends as they roll out.

But, savvy users need to know how to use each of these platforms. Every social media outlet should be used differently. If you are trying to sell a brochure on Instagram you are wasting time. The key is honing in on each one’s unique strengths, creating a diverse digital presence for your career.  Use social media to stay engaged and, every once in awhile, try to sell.

These 6 expert marketing tips will capture the eyes of your audience and make your listings shine. Stand out from the crowd, grab their attention, and land the deal. We got this, CRE fam.

Stay tuned to VivaCRE for more industry tips and market insights.

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