Brochures: Don’t Overthink Them

Brochures: Don’t Overthink Them

Commercial real estate brochures can vary from a single-page flyer to a complex offering memorandum. Brokers tend to overcomplicate them. The purpose of a brochure is to clearly and simply describe a property. My suggestion? Keep it simple. Brochures should include price, floor plans, location, and good photos.

Brochure Key Points:

Good photos:

  • Have clear photos that include all aspects of the property including interior, exterior, and possibly drone photos.


  • Include floor plans and site plans. People need to know the layout of the space, yard (if any), lot, and parking.


  • In a few sentences describe the location. Things like “Freeway Frontage.”
  • Use: Describe the property as an “Owner/User” or “Investment.”
  • Property: Describe the property highlight “Size, Price, Power, etc…”


  • Include a map showing its location and what surrounds it.


  • Some investments will omit the price for a specific reason. Make your pricing clear.

Keep it clear and simple. Your clients will thank you.

8 Things to Do in Las Vegas When You’re Not Hustling CRE

8 Things to Do in Las Vegas When You’re Not Hustling CRE

8 Things to Do in Las Vegas When You’re Not Hustling CRE

8 Things to Do in Las Vegas When You’re Not Hustling CRE

There is always something happening in Las Vegas. Whether you’re looking for world-class entertainment, fabulous dining options, or some breathtaking natural excursions, Las Vegas undoubtedly has everything you’re looking for.

For those of us who call this Nevada haven ‘home’, Vegas is more than just fun and games. Thanks to the area’s powerful professional landscape, it’s also a place where business thrives and industries take off. Las Vegas is where the hustle happens – especially if you’re navigating in a people-centric field like commercial real estate.

But, even the hardest workers need to cool down and unwind. If you’re ready to have some fun in Vegas, do it the right way. As a local professional and guide, I’d be more than happy to show you my favorite things to do in this wonderful city. Check out these 8 things to do in Las Vegas.

Catch a Raiders Game

The Raiders have a new home, and Vegas is happy to welcome them to the neighborhood. Sports lovers can cheer on the team at the Allegiant Stadium located directly across the I-15 Freeway from the Las Vegas Strip  – a suitable place for the sports center’s location.

Thanks to the Raiders and their new state of the art $2B stadium, Las Vegas has now become a hub for the NFL. Expect a lot of events coming to the Vegas scene in 2020 – and hopefully hosting a Superbowl in the near future.

Check Out the Neon Museum

Being incredibly Instagram-worthy, Vegas’ Neon Museum is naturally one of the city’s most popular attractions. The Neon Museum is currently hosting Tim Burton’s feature exhibit, Lost Vegas, that’s imbued with unmistakable Burton’s spooky vibe. It’ll be up until the beginning of April so make sure to get out there.

Artist Craig Winslow’s exhibit called Brilliant! is also quite the attraction. It’s a multi-sensorial experience that explores the city’s history in a new and exciting way. The Neon Museum is electric, entertaining, and is a great place to bring the whole family.

Get the Last Look at Bansky’s Work in Vegas

If you love contemporary art, you need to get a look at Banksy’s work at the Immersion Vegas. The show Genius or Vandal? is an unofficial gig located inside the Fashion Show Mall. Anyone interested in the famous (and faceless) UK artist shouldn’t pass up the chance to see his show in Vegas.

Ice Skating in Henderson

Who doesn’t love ice skating? There are 3 top-tier ice skating facilities in and around Vegas – and this year, the local skating culture is expanding. The new Lifeguard Arena on Water Street is going to bring ice-skating to a new and popular location, so keep an eye out for their grand opening.

If you’re already in Henderson, Historical Water St. is worth checking out. Make sure to walk to the Hardway 8, a famed UNLV & sports themed grill. I am also a little biased – I sold the property to the ownership.

Golden Knights

Anyone who has been to a Las Vegas’ Golden Knights game knows it’s not just an NHL game… It’s an entertainment experience.

Whether you’re sitting in the very last row or the glass front row, it’s always a fun time. One of my favorite parts of the games are the intermission performances – sometimes the show itself is worth attending the game! If you’ve yet to see the Golden Knights in action, it’s worth every penny.

Hit the Red Rock

If you know me, you know I love spending time exploring Red Rock Canyon. There’s no better way to unplug and unwind from the busy routines of everyday life.

Plus, visiting Red Rock gives you a completely new perspective of Vegas. This city is much more than just a metropolitan oasis, it’s also full of natural wonders that rival even the best hiking spots in the US.

Oh, and don’t forget your furry friends. It’s one of Ruger’s favorite spots.

Give Back to the Community and Volunteer

At the end of the day, it’s important for everyone to give back. Las Vegas is a place that’s constantly creating smiling faces, lifelong memories, and riveting experiences. Giving back to this one-of-a-kind community is the best way to say ‘thanks’ and share the love.

There are tons of great charities operating in town so find one who’s message speaks to you. I enjoy working with the The Just One Project. If you’re looking for a fun volunteer project or need a place to donate, this is one of the best. I love this city and taking part in volunteer work is an absolute pleasure.

Cruise Over the Strip in Style

If you think Vegas is extraordinary, you’re right. But, it’s even more over the top than you think.

Yes – I do mean flying over the Strip in a helicopter. What could be better than sipping champagne before boarding the helicopter to go on a specialty tour over the city? This famous pastime is not only exhilarating but also makes for one hell of a memory – and an even better story. It’s all in the Vegas lifestyle.

As our new slogan states, ‘what happens here only happens here.’ There are some things that are truly native to the Vegas landscape. Enjoy your time off. And do things the Vegas way – work hard, and play harder.

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