The Election & Holidays

The Election & Holidays

The Next 65 Days => The Election & Holidays

Don’t let a changing market slow you down.  I recently toured a building with a broker who said he had more downtime than a few weeks ago.  He referenced a noticeable slowdown in his activity.  Don’t let a pause in activity cause you anxiety, there is a lot going on in the market.  Interest rates are going up, we have a midterm election weeks away and Thanksgiving is right around the corner.  There is always a lull in activity right before an election.  The most common phrase I am hearing right now is “I want to wait until after the election to see what the market does”.  I get it, people want to see what happens with possible tax and regulation changes.  The reality is regardless of who wins, we are all still going to work the next morning.  Again, don’t freak out! 

I have not seen the deceleration yet, but I am expecting it and I am prepared for it.  Use a lull to get yourself and your business organized.  Use the election and holiday break in activity to review your listings, organize your CRM, make a list of clients you need to call or whatever you have been putting off over the last 10 months.  We all have a project we need to get to, but get caught up in our daily routine and don’t.

The top of my list is to go through my CRM.

If you are seeing a lull use your time wisely and get organized.